PYO Strawberries

PYO Strawberries will open on Wednesday (6th June), open daily 10-5, weather permitting.

Emma TaconPYO Strawberries
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Asparagus is now available, until late June.

Emma TaconAsparagus
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Sprouting Broccoli

Sprouting Broccoli has made a welcome return.  Delicious, fresh & healthy


Emma TaconSprouting Broccoli
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PYO Pumpkins

PYO Pumpkins now available at The Tacons.

Come and select your own straight from the field.

Emma TaconPYO Pumpkins
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PYO Strawberries have now finished.  PYO Raspberries are still available, from the Farm Shop.  PYO Blackberries are almost ready.

Emma TaconStrawberries
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PYO Raspberries

PYO Raspberries are now available, but gooseberries have finished.  It’s a lovely crop of raspberries.

Emma TaconPYO Raspberries
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New potatoes

Maris Peer new potatoes are available now.  Fresh dug & absolutely delicious

Emma TaconNew potatoes
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PYO Open

The PYO is now open for Strawberries and Gooseberries.  Open daily 10am to 5.30pm.  Rain may force closure, please do phone if unsure.

Emma TaconPYO Open
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News flash: PYO Strawberries opening Friday 2nd June

Emma TaconPYO
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Festival Two

Two weeks until the Asparagus Festival.  We’ll be joined Norton’s Diary, Ollands Chutneys, Ferndale Cheese, Scrummy Pig, Yare Valley Oil & many more.

Emma TaconFestival Two
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