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PYO Onions

PYO Onions now open.  Daily 10am to 4pm

Emma TaconPYO Onions
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PYO Blackberries

PYO Blackberries are now available.  Delicious, packed with goodness & an inexpensive, educational way of entertaining the children!

Emma TaconPYO Blackberries
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Blackberries are just ripening, the first are on the shelf and the pyo will be opening very soon.

Emma TaconBlackberries
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Courgettes are back in season, delicious baked, roasted or steamed

Emma TaconCourgettes
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PYO Raspberries

PYO Raspberries are now available.  Easy picking, taste delicious & a bargain too!

Emma TaconPYO Raspberries
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End of asparagus

Asparagus has officially finished.  Thank you for your support this season.  Lots of lovely fresh spring veg in season now.

Emma TaconEnd of asparagus
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Red and yellow beetroot now available.  Fresh from the field, very tasty & full of goodness

Emma TaconBeetroot
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Maris Peer

Our new potatoes, Maris Peer, are now available & they are worth the wait, so sweet & delicious

Emma TaconMaris Peer
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Open Farm Sunday

Thank you to all those who joined us at Open Farm Sunday today.  It was a pleasure to show you around our farm

Emma TaconOpen Farm Sunday
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Outdoor Asparagus

The outdoor asparagus is loving this warmth.  We are now picking the first spears.  Much easier than when under tunnels.

Emma TaconOutdoor Asparagus
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