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Open Farm Sunday

Thank you to all those who joined us at Open Farm Sunday today.  It was a pleasure to show you around our farm

Emma TaconOpen Farm Sunday
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Outdoor Asparagus

The outdoor asparagus is loving this warmth.  We are now picking the first spears.  Much easier than when under tunnels.

Emma TaconOutdoor Asparagus
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Spring weather

Asparagus, outside the tunnels, is finally growing.  We need more warm weather!

Emma TaconSpring weather
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Rhubarb is growing strongly, loving the April sunshine and showers.  Delicious lightly cooked with sugar & cream!

Emma TaconRhubarb
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Asparagus Wk 2

We now have jumbo, standard, tips and kitchen asparagus.  Presentation suitable for every plate.

Emma TaconAsparagus Wk 2
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The asparagus season has begun…just 12 weeks to enjoy delicious homegrown asparagus…how will you eat yours?!

Emma TaconAsparagus
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Maris Peer

The new potatoes, Maris Peer, are now in the ground.  We can now let Mother Nature take over

Emma TaconMaris Peer
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Seed potatoes

The Maris Peer seed potatoes, the New Potatoes, are now on farm.  Planting will start as soon as the ground is warm enough.

Emma TaconSeed potatoes
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The cloches are now going onto the asparagus.  These mini greenhouses will warm the ground and so the asparagus will grow.

Emma TaconCloches
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Daffodils- a burst of spring sunshine on a February day.  Available here at The Tacons

Emma TaconDaffodils
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